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Sikhism - Y6 - WORSHIP (Autumn 2)

Sikhism  Year 6 - How do Sikhs worship?

(Week 1) An introduction to the Gudwara. What do you think happens in a Gudwara? What actually is a Gudwara?  Watch the foloowing film link below to find out more (this is a 12 min guide to Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara in West London)    https://www.reonline.org.uk/specials/places-of-worship/sikhism_video.htm

(Week 2) Have a discussion about the Khanda. This is the symbol of Sikhism and can often be seen on the ochre or saffron coloured flags at a Gurdwara called the Nishan Sahib. Explore the symbolism.


The Khanda - What is it and why is it important?  Can you draw the symbol? Here's how...

(Week 3) How do Sikhs worship in the Gurdwara?

Discuss with your adult and list everything they know about the purpose and content of worship in a range of religions. 

Discuss what are common elements between different religions. What questions do you have about Sikhs worshipping in the Gurdwara? Write down your questions and see if they can be answered.

Watch the Bitesize clip below of Sikhs worshipping in the Gurdwara. On a piece of paper write 5 adjectives to describe what you see.

Inside a Gurdwara BBC Bitesize part 1  part 2

Have a look at http  ://pof.reonline.org.uk/people-of-faith/sikhism/worship-places-of-worship/ where Ranvir Singh has answered questions about his faith. (You should find quite of a lot of answers to your questions here.)

What makes a building a Gurdwara? It is actually any building which contains the holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib.

Write up your enquiry question with your answer on a piece of paper and record your answers.

(Week 4)  Why do Sikhs have a Langar?

Share some wrapped food with your adult in a blatantly unfair manner, (e.g. wrapped sweets when everyone born in September, October, November or December get two sweets and everyone else gets one). When the child start to complain, collect them in again and start again in another unfair manner, perhaps all those who go to choir get more than others etc. Hopefully children will be using terms to do with equality which you can they develop further.

Remind them of the importance of equality in Sikhism, how this is shown in the Gurdwara where everyone sits on the floor, no assigned seating etc but also with the Langar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIhffdfu4DM Ask them if they think this is the same at Gurdwaras in the UK. It is worldwide and there is a good Newsround clip on https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/49957253 about Langar week; however Langar still happens around the year. There are over 6 million meals served every day in Gurdwaras around the world. Look at some photos of community Langars in action in the UK. You can normally find examples on news sites.

Write about why Equality is important to you. This could be in the form of a poster / poem etc. Send your responses to your class teacher.

(Week 5) How do Gurdwaras look different or similar around the world?  What is the Golden Temple like?

(ADULTS: There are a number of websites about the top ten Gurdwaras etc. to help with this weeks task)

If possible create three pic collages or similar of photos inside and outside three different Gurdwaras from outside the UK. Name and location of the Gurdwara to be included on the collage.

Many have the Shri Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) as number one. Take a look at this family guide / blog about visiting it.  https://kidsandpassports.com/visit-the-golden-temple/  

Questions to discuss with your adult - Why may Sikhs visit here? There is no requirement for pilgrimage in Sikhism but it is still an important historical site and a centre of spiritual and cultural identity.

Discuss with your adult where you might visit to represent your spiritual or cultural identity?

The Golden Temple 

(Week 6

“How do Sikhs Worship” and “Why is Community and Equality important to Sikhs?”. 

Today's exercise is to write a piece as if you are writing a double page spread of a children’s book on Sikhism.  It is your choice as to whether you want to use the range of questions from below or pick one to focus on. Some additional research time will be needed.

  • What do Sikhs believe?
  • How do Sikhs worship?
  • What is Gurdwara?
  • What values are important to a Sikh?
  • How do Sikhs show their sense of community?
  • How may a Sikh show the importance of equality in their lives?

Share your work with your teacher.





Possible clips My Life My Religion Gurdwara or True Tube’s Holy Cribs Gurdwara.

Inside a Gurdwara BBC Bitesize part 1  part 2

The Golden Temple 





Year 6 Sikhism  How do Sikhs worship?


What is the Gurdwara how is this important to the community?


What is the Khanda?


How do Sikhs worship in the Gurdwara?


Why do Sikhs have a Langar?


How do Gurdwaras look different or similar around the world?  What is the Golden Temple like?


How do Sikhs celebrate with their local communities?

Introduction to Sikhism - Sikh Naming Ceremony

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