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Christianity - Y6 - How and Why do Christians Worship? (Spring 1)

Christianity - "How and why do Christians worship? What are the benefits for believers?"

Week 1    What is worship? Do you believe in “Something Greater”? 

Spend some time brainstorming what worship means, and what is worshipped by us and the people around us. In buzz groups’ think of five examples of ‘something greater’. Watch videos and look at pictures and artefacts of worship within Christianity and Hinduism. 

Today's task is to write and discuss the different aspects of worship and explain why these are carried out. Remember to look out for similarities and common aspects.

‘Why do people worship’? Should we have collective worship in schools? What personal and other preparation takes place prior to the worship? 

Worship in a Christian church (1:30 minutes) 

Common worship The Church of England for links on Anglican liturgy, service books etc.

Ways of Hindu living for comparism

Vandana talks about her life as a Hindu (7 minutes)


Week 2       What is the purpose of prayer? 

On wipe boards write your own explanation of what prayer is...

Quick recap discussion....WHO prays?   To WHOM do they pray?     WHY do they pray?     HOW / WHAT do they pray?

Have you ever prayer? How did it make you feel? Why did you do it? What happened? Remember to only share what you want others to know. 

Before today's task we are going to watch these four following clips - Prayer Christianity    Prayer Islam    Puja Hinduism   

Prayer - Hearing from God (Christianity)

 In pairs, discuss the types of prayer that are used, e.g. prayers of praise, thanks, confession and request.

Choose significant prayers, e.g. the Lord's prayer, the Sikh morning prayer, the Hindu Gayathri Mantra, prayer of St Francis.

Work in groups to look at the meaning of each type of prayer. Decide on three enquiry questions with the class which all groups then work on with their own prayer.

We are going to sit quietly in order to create a contemplative atmosphere. Look at the copy of the 4 prayers, quietly...

What do you think about prayer? 

Today you are being asked to write your own meditation or prayer. Before you do, think about who you tell and how you express yourselves when you are thankful, need support, are happy about your life, or need to confess shortcomings. 



Teachers Resources

Christian Prayer

Hindu Gayathri Mantra

Year 6  Christianity  How and why do Christians worship? What are the benefits for believers?


What is worship? Do you believe in “Something Greater”?


What is the purpose of prayer? Would I non-believer pray?


How do denominations worship in different and similar ways?


How do Christians feel when they worship? What is a spiritual encounter?


How is the joining of a denomination celebrated by the community?


What are the responsibilities of being part of a community?

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