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Christianity PARABLES Y1/2 KS1 (Spring 1A)

THe big question which we will be asking every week is... WHY DID JESUS TEACH PEOPLE THROUGH STORIES?  

Our aim is to answer and explain why these stories are important for Christians.

However, before we start our work, we are going to watch the following story, created by Rev Paulette Gower  - BUT before we do... Who can tell me what was important to Christians all around the world while we were off school?

Some Christians before they open their presents gather together and celebrate this special gift - BUT where do they gather/meet?

Let's remember our knowledge hand .... Starting with your thumb   

Now to watch The Journey of the Wisemen  January 6th is another important date to some Christians around the world because of the Wisemen. It is called Epiphany.

Can you remember being asked what was your special gift?  

So back to today. If I said 'Once upon a time' what would I be doing?

Well, we are going to watch another story though this time Jesus told this special story, but what is a story?  In your small talk, can you discuss what kinds of stories do you like best?   Do you like stories?

Super, we are going to watch this story but Jesus did not have electricity or TV or computers , no books. People would have sat around and told stories possibly around a fire, older people telling younger people!

Parable of the Lost Sheep by Max 7 

What should the shepherd do after he lost his sheep?  What did the sheep do?

Why do you think Jesus told this story? Who did the shepherd represent? Who do you think the sheep was or could be?

Does the story teach Christians anything about God? 


Today is about preperation and foundations but what are these? Any ideas or suggestions?

That is a bit tricky so what do we need for a cake?   Yes that's right...Eggs, flour, milk, a bowl, sugar Well that is the preperation. Mixing it well and not burning the cake is a good foundation before decorating it!

Let's watch what happens with the seeds in the farmers field.

Parable of the Sower   (This short animation is suitable for all ages)
In this animated video, the parable of the Sower, Jesus shows that not all respond in the same way to the kingdom of God. Jesus calls us to listen and seek to understand his words. How will you respond?
What conditions did the plant need to grow?
What conditions do YOU need to grow and learn well?
Does this story teach Christians anything about God?  What? How do they know?
Last lesson you were asked what Foundations meant?   What do Christians mean when talking about building good foundations? 
I am building something....What do you think it will be?    I have a strong foundation - a good starting place, my base.
Who can help me describe the best way to build this? 
Ok that didn't work, let's try again?
We are now going tp watch another story Jesus told...but before we do let's revisit our knowledge hand - ready...
What were these stories called again? Where do Christians find these stories to read today?
Today's story is about two men, the Parable of the Two Builders
Why do you think some locations are better than others?  Jesus was teaching Christians something, what do you think it was as it wasn’t really about the best place to build your house.
 Can you do the actions for this version of the song performed by Cedarmont Kids

We are going to listen to a rap version of the story and join in with the rap on the chorus. Available from Barnabus.


What sort of foundations do you want to build your life upon?

Who influences your foundations?

Think of someone who helps you to build your foundations, what could you do to thank them?




Why did Jesus teach people through stories?


What does the Parable of the Lost Sheep teach Christians about God?


What is the message from Jesus in the Parable of the Sower?


What do Christians mean when talking about building good foundations in the Parable of the Parable of the Two Builders.


How does the Parable of the Prodigal Son teach about God?


How does the Parable of the Good Samaritan teach about Christian love? What does it mean to love your neighbour?


What parables can I tell to others?



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