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Our Vision

Ethos and Values
Our vision for the school is expressed in our motto, Learn to Live, Live to Learn: we strive both to provide children with the skills they will need to thrive and prosper in the 21st century, and to instil in them a love of learning itself. The school empowers children to achieve these aims within a safe, supportive and caring community of learners, in which mistakes are viewed as learning opportunities and respect for all is actively developed. Enjoyable, challenging and memorable learning experiences are provided, our intention being that all children will enjoy school, become enthusiastic and independent learners, and achieve to the best of their ability. The school views the nurturing of its pupils, the citizens of the future, as both a privilege and a responsibility.

The school aims to:

  • Provide a safe, secure, supportive and happy environment.
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum which meets statutory requirements and beyond.
  • Support children to understand their work, ensuring that they are appropriately challenged by it.
  • Provide support for parents to facilitate home learning.
  • Encourage children to do their best at all times and to aim for high standards.
  • Empower children to take responsibility for their own learning, by setting them clear targets and providing them with regular constructive feedback.
  • Encourage children to take good care of other people, and of their belongings and surroundings.
  • Provide opportunities for children to take responsibility.
  • Encourage children to adopt healthy lifestyles.
  • Teach children how to stay safe, including when online, and encourage them to talk about worries or concerns they may have.

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