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Year 4 2021 - 2022


Year 4 Hawthorn - your teacher will be Miss Bunning.

Year 4 Lime - your teachers will be Mrs Nicholson (Monday - Wednesday) and Mrs Osholaja (Thursday and Friday).

Mrs Nicholson

The content of our Year Four curriculum raises expectations and inspires our pupils to achieve the very best they can. Central to academic achievements is our ethos of "Learn to Live, Live to Learn". We aim for your child to mature emotionally and socially and feel confident but, above all, enjoy their time in Year Four. 



Autumn Term 2021

Welcome back Year Four, we hope you have enjoyed your holidays. We are really excited to get our Autumn term underway and would like to share some of our plans with you all. We have tried to include some useful links for you below, we hope you enjoy exploring these and find them useful.

Please also find our curriculum letter in the files section at the bottom of this page.


We have some lovely texts that we will be basing our writing on including “Leon and the Place Between” by Angela McAllister during the first half-term and “Escape from Pompeii” by Christina Balit in our second. Without giving away too many ‘spoilers’, we can’t wait to immerse ourselves fully in these texts, for instance by turning our classroom into a circus and providing an exciting sensory experience for everyone.

Screen Shot Leon.pngEscape from Pompeii.jpg

If you would like to support you child further at home, below are some resources you may find useful.

WAGOLL (examples of high-quality texts, sorted into genres. WAGOLL stands for 'What a Good One Looks Like). 

Pobble 365 (this gives you a picture each day along with a story starter rich in vocabulary and suggested activities).

Literacy Shed (this website has some fantastic videos that can be used as a stimulus for writing. If you click on the different ‘sheds’, there are videos and suggested writing opportunities for each).  

Reading List  (some books that may appeal to your child).

VIPERS (a mnemonic that covers the key comprehension skills your child will be developing).



In Maths, we will be investigating place value, addition and subtraction, measurement (length, area and perimeter) and multiplication and division. We will have a strong focus on learning our Times Tables so that we are fluent and confident in recalling our multiplication and division facts (up to 12x12).

Nrich Addition and Subtraction

Nrich Multiplication and Division

Nrich Place Value

Maths Curriculum Objectives

Roman numerals

Times Table Rockstars

Maths Shed

We will be beginning our Science unit on Magnets and Forces during the first half-term and looking at sound in the second. Below is a breakdown of what kinds of things we will be doing, along with some useful links.


BBC Bitesize Magnets

Magnets and Forces

Magnet Facts

BBC Bitesize Pushes and Pulls


We will be exploring the Romans in our Topic lessons and strive to provide as many cross-curricular opportunities as possible. From preparing an authentic Roman stew to (hopefully) marching like Roman soldiers through the streets of Chester, we enjoy bringing this topic to life.

Roman Coins.png

BBC Bitesize Roman Empire

BBC History Romans

Who were the Romans?

The Romans

Roman Britain

Book List

We hope to continue to spend time in the Forest School Area, as this has proven to be a real hit with the children (and staff!). We are also looking forward to taking the children for their swimming lessons as well working with Music for Life in school (a highlight of being in Year 4).


Don't forget to keep an eye on our School Twitter page where we upload some of the things we get up to in Year Four.


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