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Christianity - LIFE STAGES/COMMUNITY Y1/2 KS1 (Summer 1A)

Free Choice  Life Stages. Including linking RE to No Outsiders project.

Errol's Garden    


We are going to create a "plant" shopping list for the planter on the KS2 playground. What plants do you like? Which plants would you like to see if you could have your own garden?

Where does Errol live? Who lives in your community? What families do you see? Are there any religious people?

We are going outside today to see the planter which we will be asking Mr. Rose to buy some of the plants, from our shopping list, which we created last week and then we are coming back inside to find out a little bit more from Errol's story. 

Let's read the story again from the beginning...who does live in the block of flats/ the apartments?

Does it make any difference IF...???                (Stop and look at the page with all the residents in and discuss)

See the source image



In this lesson there are two worksheets to complete.  The first challenge is to complete an observational drawing of the plant in the bottle! What can you see? What does the plant need to survive? Who can remeber what items Errol grows some of his plants in?



Last lesson two work sheets were completed. This lesson there are another two sheets to complete.  Label parts of a tree and What do Humans need to survive?


A tree is a tree but is it? They are similar but all are different. They are diverse. Humans are diverse too. Together we make a community. This is called DIVERSITY

Christians believe in looking after one an another. Sharing and caring, working together no matter who we are or what we can do. Tall or short, boy or girl, all different shapes and sizes, different minds or different Faiths. We all have our own strengths.

If time allows, a plan needs to be completed for our small community planter(s).

Remember the shopping list from lesson 1. What would you choose to go in the planter?


Errol's Garden storytime

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