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At Huntington Community Primary School, we aim to deliver an inspiring, high-quality history education which enables our pupils to gain a coherent and chronological understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world.  As outlined in the new National Curriculum for history, pupils will study, understand, and have an awareness of the history that has shaped the world they live in today.

By engaging with our history curriculum, children will know and understand the characteristic ideas of past societies, including the beliefs, attitudes, and diversity, such as the belief in the afterlife during Ancient Egypt studies in Year 3. As children progress through our school, we encourage them to appreciate the complexity of people’s lives in the past and how some societies are vastly different due to the challenges at the time, such as the role of women during Ancient Greece studies in Year 5.

The history curriculum at Huntington aims to provide pupils with purposeful and engaging opportunities to develop an understanding of historical concepts such as significance and cause and consequence, helping pupils to make connections, draw contrasts, and discuss trends.

We follow an enquiry approach to history through the use of ‘Key Stage History’ units in Year 1- Year 6. Using this approach, our young historians are encouraged to raise historically valid questions and construct meaning from artefacts and sources rather than being presented with meaning. This provides opportunities for children to develop methods of historical enquiry: thinking critically, weighing evidence, sifting arguments, and developing their own perspective and judgement.

The history curriculum at Huntington also aims to use our locality to reinforce learning, such as during Great Fire of Nantwich studies in Year 2 and Roman studies in Year 4.

Our long-term plan shows which topics are taught in which year group, and our progression document demonstrates the skills covered during each year group. Please take a look at the skills, knowledge and vocabulary taught during each history unit which are outlined on the individual year group documents below.

Year 4 experiencing Roman life and seeing what Chester was like 2000 years ago with the Dewa Roman Experience.

Click here to see more images of the pupils in Year 6 enjoying their day of WW2 themed activities.

Click here to watch Year 6 Sycamore's reading as part of CWAC's virtual Remembrance service 2020.


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