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At Huntington Community Primary School, we aim to provide a rich history curriculum that has been constructed to provide our pupils with a secure, coherent knowledge about British, local and world history. We want our children to develop an understanding of historical concepts as they move from EYFS through to Key Stage 2.  Our enquiry-based approach encourages children to raise questions, consider evidence carefully, and draw informed conclusions whilst constructing their own judgements about the past.  Our curriculum also aims to teach children what it is to be a historian - providing carefully planned opportunities for pupils to develop their disciplinary skills. To empower our children to actively develop respect and tolerance for all, our history curriculum includes a range of cultures and historical perspectives to enable pupils to achieve these goals.

As outlined in the National Curriculum 2014, pupils will study, understand, and have an awareness of the history that has shaped the world they live in today.  Children will leave our learning community knowledgeable about key people, events, and time periods from the past. We aim to encourage enthusiastic and confident historians who have an appreciation of the informed, overarching historical narrative they have studied at Huntington Community Primary School.

Our long-term plan shows which units are taught in which year group, and our progression document demonstrates the skills covered during each year group. 


Year 4 getting a flavour of Roman life in Chester
2000 years ago, with the Dewa Roman Experience.




Year 6 pupils enjoying their Blitz experience
at Stockport Air Raid shelters


Click here to see how we marked
Remembrance Day 2021.









How can I support my child's learning?

Please take a look at the skills, knowledge and vocabulary taught during each history unit which are outlined on the individual year group documents below (please click on the image to open a new window). Recall of key facts and vocabulary (past and present) will support children in developing their historical knowedge and skills.  

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Mary Anning.jpg Florence Nightingale.jpg Stonehenge.jpg
Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Roman 2.jpg Ancient Greece.jpg Battle of Britain.jpg

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