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Free Choice - Y5 - PILGRIMAGE (Summer 1)

FOCUS - Christianity - PILGRIMAGE 

Mary Jones - Who was she? Why is she still remembered? What did she do that was so unique?   Discover Mary Jones , her story - Bala, her journey    A quick view of the area

What does the word Pilgrimage mean to you?  Do you think people do 'this' today?  Why?  Create a mind map!

Do all Religions/Faiths do this act?   How many religions do you think do as part of their faith?


Which religion practices Hajj - Who was Muhammad? Why is Hajj so important to this religion?  National Geographic link to Hajj   Live feed to Mecca today - What do you notice?


Bardsey Island - North Wales Pilgrims Way  You may have heard of Greenacres Farm Park near Holywell but why is it called Holywell?  Can you guess?  Basingwerk Abbey had links to Chester - can you find out more? Who is the lady Saint nearby??? 

The Abbey is the starting point for many Pilgrims to walk from Holywell to Aberdaron to sail across the sea to Ynys Enlli (Map) Would you do this 130 mile walk? Don't let the milage put you off, can you think why this would and does appeal too many, Christians and non-Christians alike?


Rome - Who resides in Rome?   Which main denomination of Christianity travels here on their Pilgrimage though many other Christians do too. Some interesting points to why Rome is an important place for many a Christian to visit.  The journey starts from Canterbury to Rome


Iona, Scotland - another place of interest for Christians from all around the world to visit, is Iona but why visit such a small island in Scotland?  Iona Heritage  - A noble Irish prince and a coracle...


RE Quest Introduction to Pilgrimage

How does this compare to Christianity?
How is God seen in different faiths?

Why do Muslims go on Pilgrimage? (Hajj)

What is a spiritual encounter?
Which denomination of Christianity is the Pope associated to?
Why do Christians and other faiths, travel some distance, usually on foot, on their Pilgrimage? 


Images courtesy of St.Asaph Youth Pilgrimage and Isle of Skye.  Image 7 credit Charlie Mackesy

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