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How do Muslims worship?

What can you remember about Islam?

Let's try our knowledge hand to guide us on what you have learnt so far.


Can you remember the name of the Prophet?   Who spoke to him in the cave?

Which four letters are placed after the prophets name when written down or said?


'Stilling Exercise'

I am going to ask you to put your heads down and close your eyes. Be still.

Keeping your eyes closed, listen to the following questions...   ****

Now open your eyes and look at the picture.   Look at the landscape around this area..

  • Do you think it is noisy there?
  • Do you think it is quiet?
  • Why do you think these people are visiting here?
  • Do you think it was easy for them to get there?
  • Why do you think they have gone to so much trouble to be there?


Next we will listen to the story of Muhamad, Jibril and the cave.

Muhammad frequently spent time alone in quiet contemplation. What do you think contemplation means?  I would like you to sit quietly and reflect on times when you have been asked to do something which you felt a bit afraid of doing.

 What would you like to be chosen to do?  

Muslims believe that Muhammad brought the message of Allah and that he also interpreted it in his daily life. 


Session 2. What do Muslims believe about angels?

What do you think Angels look like?   What influences our imaginary picture of an angel?

Many Muslims believe that Angels (Malaikah) were created by God (Allah) before Humans with the purpose of following the orders of Allah and communicating with humans. They were made from a special kind of light.

Angels in Islam also have special jobs to do. There are a few mentioned in the Qur’an as sending the rain, the clouds, being guardians, carrying the throne of Allah, an angel of life who gives souls and another who looks after Paradise.

What do you think Paradise is? 

How do 'we' send messages today?


Link   My Special Angels story





The Cave of Hira is a holy site for Muslims located on Mount Hira near Mecca123It is the place where Prophet Muhammad received his first revelation of the Holy Quran14The cave is at a distance of 4 kilometres from the Holy Kaaba and oversees the Northern direction while its entrance point directly faces towards the House of Allah SWT1Prophet Muhammad would withdraw to the cave for long hours and engage in his own method of prayer, seeking answers2.


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