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Our Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes occupy the ground floor of the building, and each year group boasts their own cloakrooms, with handwashing facilities in each classroom. The right side of the school building is dedicated to the children of Years 1 and 2 only, and each classroom has direct access to the playground where the children have their own Pirate Ship Adventure Playground, play huts, ball pole and football field. Our Infants also have their very own library downstairs, next to the Sensory Room, and the hall walls are decorated with a range of well-known television and book characters. Nursery and Reception have their own fenced-off play area, with a myriad of fascinating toys and sensory areas to explore.

Huntington has a truly rural feel, with enormous open spaces for the children to explore and discover – if they are lucky, they may even spot some rabbits or small birds of prey! We are the only local school with a large, dedicated forest school area, where our child-centric outdoor learning takes place.

Upstairs, the Juniors have the best views in Chester and their own forest-themed library, as well as an IT suite with brand new computers. Our older children use the multiple football fields, netball courts, and spacious grassy areas to the left side of the building. There is also a Juniors Outside Library for those pupils who like to curl up with a book during break time, and another extensive Adventure Playground.

Huntington: where our children “Learn to Live, Live to Learn” and make life-long friendships!

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Reception children enjoying the large cycle area
The reading corner in our Infants Library
The Reading Corner in our Infants Library
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Sensory Room Fun
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Nursery outdoor resources




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Outdoor activities



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Adventure Play
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Forest School
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Sensory water play
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Classroom resources
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Adventure Play


Remembrance Day


Year 2 Phonics Area




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