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Forest School

Huntington Community Primary School recognises that education is more than simply academic, classroom-based activities and tests. We strive to inspire a life-long love of learning in line with our motto and school ethos, and therefore aim to provide a curriculum that is both integrated and immersive.  

Our large, dedicated Forest School grounds play an important role in this method of teaching, and several of our staff have undertaken Forest School methodology training. The Forest School curriculum develops self-regulation skills; builds resilience; increases motivation and concentration and ensures that problem solving skills are improved. 

Our Forest School area provides children with the opportunity to access the curriculum in a practical and physically engaging way, thereby cementing their understanding of the subject by immersing their learning in real-life situations. An example of this is shown below – for instance, Year 5 are currently studying the concept of resistance and friction, and they spent time in forest school performing independent, practical research on the friction caused by different objects, such as gravel, tyres, leaves, etc. 

The Forest School area also plays an important role in our “Eco” drive. We have an “Eco Council” of peer-elected children to ensure that not only are we fostering tomorrow’s eco-warriors and teaching our children about the importance of preserving our planet, but we are giving them the independence, responsibility, and tools to improve the outdoor learning provision. The “Eco Council” has a voice and our teachers listen. We believe that engaging children and listening to their views on their “Eco” and Forest School education are important to ensure we are providing unforgettable and captivating learning experiences. 

In addition, outdoor learning has been proven to improve mental wellbeing and physical health – yet another reason our Forest School forms such an important part of our teaching methodology, where child-engagement and wellbeing are of utmost importance. 

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