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Christianity CREATION How the World was Made Y1/2 KS1 (Spring 2A)


What is Beauty? Is it something manmade or is it something in nature, or a mixture of both?





What does the Bible say about how the world was created?

Animation story of the Creation Story by the Beginners Bible Series     (STOP at 16:02)

Where do you think you would find this story?  It is from the Bible, from the book of Genesis. The Bible covers a long time in history and the ideas in it were written by lots of different people. The first part of the Bible is important in other sacred texts as well and this version of Creation is important for people other than Christians.

Does that mean everyone believes what it says? Do you believe what it says about creation? How do you think they world started? 

Dotty and Buzz look at Creation and discover a different view on creation

As a conclusion read the poem and consider it for a class performance with added actions for another occasion. It is by Steve Turner. 

God said WORLD and the world spun round,

God said LIGHT and the light beamed down,

God said LAND and the sea rolled back,

God said NIGHT and the sky went black.

God said LEAF and the shoot pushed through,

God said FIN  and the first fish grew.

God said BEAK  and the big bird soared,

God said FUR  and the jungle roared.

God said SKIN and the man breathed air,

God said BONE and the girl stood there.

God said GOOD and the world was great.

God said REST and they all slept late.



The Big Bang and Humanism.    Space from Earth  

How do you think an astronaut on a space walk would feel? imagine that you are seeing the Earth for the first time, how do you think it got there, how was it made?

Circle time about each pupils’ thoughts about how the Earth was made. 

Creation is tricky for many religions as there are many points of view about it .e.g. the length of time of a day. Some Christians hold the view that God was responsible for the Big Bang. Science is very important for some people called Humanists, they would talk about the Big Bang if they were asked how the world was made. For a Humanist, God has never existed so it is all to do with nature and science. Many people who are non-religious will also hold this point of view.

Remember all views are respected and welcomed. 


How did St Francis care for creation?

The story of St Francis and how he taught people to look after the world around them, especially animals which is important to many people around the world not only Christians. Christians believe they are responsible for looking after God’s world.

Discussion -  how the world is sometimes spoilt & how God might feel when that happens.

You could also look at another campaigner / young activist for environmental issues today here.   Greta Thunberg    (STOP 54secs)


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