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Sports Council

The Sports Council is made up of eight children from Key Stage Two (one child from each class). 

Alongside Miss Carpenter, the Sports Council members will be involved in:

  • Helping to organise intra-school competitions
  • Delivering short presentations to our class about important P.E. information
  • Helping to ensure our achievements are shared with the rest of the school
  • Be a representative for the rest of the school to put ideas and opinions forward

Every year, all children have the opportunity to become a Sports Councillor for their class. Children are asked if they are:

  • Enthusiastic about sport
  • Interested in developing sport and P.E. in our school
  • Full of good ideas
  • A good role model for sporting behaviour

If the answer to all four statements above is ‘yes,’ then children may stand for the class vote. Each class votes for two children to be their sports councillors for the year.

Here is our 2023/24 Sports Council!



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