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We have chosen to read Grimwood by Nadia Shireen next:





 " I loved the book because it was funny. The grandma exploding through the air made me really laugh. It has made me want to read some more of Roald Dahl's books - I'm starting with Fantastic Mr Fox"

Leonie  - March 2023

                   9 out of 10

                    Boy called Christmas.JPG

 "It was full of twists and turns. At certain points it had a magical atmosphere, which made you smile. This book is quite funny even though it starts off with a sad event"

Ella and Merrilees  - January 2023

                      9 out of 10

                       Sisters Grimm.jpg

 " Funny and exciting. The characters were really interesting and made us want to read on"


September 2023


                    7.6 out of 10



"Wonder is an extraordinary book that so many people can connect with, not just with Auggie but the entire abundance of characters. The mini stories within the pages give you a chance to understand every little detail instead of leaving you with those little questions that nag at your brain. It is for this reason I gave this book 8/10" 

by Freya Saunders April 2022

                    7.9 0ut of 10


"Pony by RJ Palacio is one of the best books I have ever read. From the character, the blue fingered man to the bone faced pony, this book is full of extraordinary details. The thrill of the adventure and mystery is amazing. When I read the ending of this book I even cried because I felt it like the characters themselves. I would really recommend this book for your child to read because they will become emerged in this phenomenal story." by Eva Mayer 16.3.22

                     8.2 out of 10

                      London Eye Mystery.jpg


"It is an incredibly well-written book, one that deserves much praise. The sharp twists and turns; the humour gently woven throughout, and pages that made me laugh, cry and overall hungry for more. I could barely put it down, It was a rollercoaster of emotion, and I love the inclusion of "people wired differently" to put it in Ted's words. It is insane the amount of tiny details that make the whole thing up. I 100%, wholeheartedly recommend this book!" by Scarlett Roberts Year 6 Alder Jan 2022

"It is expertly written and thought-out so carefully, it is unreal." by Freya Saunders Jan 22 Year 6 Alder

                        8.7 out of 10




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