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Religious Education

Welcome to Huntington Community Primary School RE Page

'Religious Education for everyone, learning to engage, value and to respect each other'


This academic year 2020-21

KS1 & LKS2 are taught by Mrs N Harrison-Smith

UKS2 are taught by their class teacher.

Year 5 - Miss Carpenter & Mr Bell    Year 6 - Mr Cunnington & Miss Avery & Mr Jones

Please feel free to look at our  RE Long Term Plan and any links that inspire you

Baháí   Christianity   Hinduism   Humanism   Islam  Judaism  Sikhism



Katie Freeman, Chair of NATRE : “Understanding people and their unique perspective on the world is a vital skill for us all, especially young people. Good religious education plays a vital role in that, helping create a more cohesive society, ensures young people receive a balanced education, and supports a vibrant economy by preparing employees and future business leaders for the globalised workplace and that includes roles in the media”

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