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Sikhism - Y5 - COMMUNITY & EQUALITY (Summer 2)

Year 5 - Why is community and equality important to Sikhs?

Equality is important to Sikhs - Let's watch and learn why?


Life at the Gudwara - Langar 

What do you notice when you watch the clip above? 

. What would you say is the importance of community in Sikhism? How does the gurdwara and langar contribute to this?

Sangat or fellowship is crucial as we often do what others around us are. “It is difficult to pick up a piece of coal without getting your hands dusty” suggests that we should avoid the company of people who are self-centred and spend time with people who are God-centred/Life-centred, whether Sikh or not. The gurdwara provides a framework for this as langar is food that can be eaten by anyone, vegetarian and even Jain (no garlic) and the Guru Granth Sahib is a hymn book containing the writings of six Sikh Gurus and thirty-six others, including Hindus, Muslims and those of no fixed religion. Spiritual seekers of all traditions and none are welcome to gather to join in praise of the 1 and share their experience, thoughts and feelings about the spiritual life.


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