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Christianity JESUS THROUGH ART Y3/4 LKS2 (Spring 2A)

How do pictures of Jesus from around the world show a personal relationship with Christians?  What is Historically known about Jesus?

Before we look into this a little more I would like you to discuss with your partner "how we know what someone is like" 

Can you describe your class friend in words referring to their personal qualities as well as their appearance.

Very little is known about Jesus' appearance; there is no written description of him and paintings were not done until at least 150 years after his death. All images of Jesus are influenced by the experiences of the people who provide them.

Were there any cameras? Electricity? Computers?  Who has read a book and the character, when the book was made into a film, was not how you thought they would look like? It was the same for Jesus...

Let's take a look at the following images of Jesus

Now let us take a look at Jesus if I lived in Africa.

Are the pictures similar?  If I lived elseswhere I would be influenced by the people around me 

Talk about the importance to believers of identifying with Jesus, explaining that in visual representations his features often mirror those of the people themselves.


On white boards can you draw a bust of Jesus - like the Romans did of important people or of important influence. That is from the shoulders upwards in great detail.


Jesus described himself as “The bread of Life, The Light of the World and The Good Shepherd.”  How has this inspired art?

Three objects to be placed around the room that the children can sit around in groups: (a) a loaf of bread (b) a candle (c) a picture of a shepherd and some sheep.  Each table to have one object plus one member as their scribe, and discuss in a circle/table what the object is.

What does it/he/she do?    How can it/he/she be used?     What is its/his/her purpose?

Come back together and ask the scribes to share the group's discussion, and add any more ideas that the others see as important. Then give the children these three extracts about how Jesus describes himself and ask them in pairs to read them.

  • ‘I am the bread of life': John 6: 35
  • 'I am the light of the world': John 9: 5
  • 'I am the good shepherd': John 10: 14

Discussion - what do you think Jesus was saying about himself in these passages. Ask the children to write about the three passages on a prepared sheet answering what the passages mean to Christians, and what the children understand from them about who Jesus was saying he is.

WORKSHEET record your answers.

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