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Free choice - Y6 - Humanism + Judaism WWII (Autumn 1)

Humanism in Year 6 is introduced and discussed whilst learning about WW2 - War and Peace

Five core areas of knowledge - 

  1. Human beings (human evolution, human nature, and human potential)
  2. Understanding the world (naturalism and atheism, science and reason)
  3. The one life (freedom, happiness, and mortality)
  4. Humanist ethics (empathy and impact of our emotions)
  5. Society (motivations, actions, goals, and responsibility)

Session 1 - Human Beings  

Session 2 - Society

Session 3 - Freedom   Did the Jewish people have the same freedom as a non-believer?

Session 4 - Ethics

Session 5 - Society


Scenario -  

Nine-year-old Helen is confused by the disappearance of her Jewish friend during the German occupation of Paris.

Star of Fear, Star of Hope

Author: Jo Hoestlandt

Publisher: Scholastic Incorporated

Part 1 of the story; read by Lisa Papeck
Part 2 of the story; read by Lisa Papeck
War and Peace PDF in files with various questions

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