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Judaism - What do Jews believe about God? Y1/2 KS1 (Autumn 1A)

 Big Question- Why is the Torah important for Jews?

What is it?   How am I holding it?  Why am I holding it like this?

Why do you think it might be special?  Do you think it is precious?  

Torah Scroll

What symbols can you see on the cover?        What do you think they mean?     What language is this written in?

The Torah scroll - Oak academy



Session 2  Recap 

Let us watch the following clip of Arianna reading from the Torah Scroll.          What do you notice?    

Can you remember the name of the pointed  item?    Why is she using this?

Question - What do Jews believe about G_d?

Circle time - Encourage pupils views about God.  "Remember not everyone will believe the same thing and it is ok to believe something different from your friend, we have to respect each others opinions and ideas"   So, close your eyes and have a little think -  Tell me something about God?   When you're ready put up your hand, no voices, until I ask.

G_d is... 

Explore some ideas together using some of the given answers God and One God, Creator, Sustainer, Eternal, King, powerful, omnipresent, (of God) present everywhere at the same time, omnipotent, God is all powerful. has no body, just, merciful, fair etc.

WORKSHEET: God is...


Session 3 -  Who was Joseph?

QUESTION - Who has ever felt jealous?   Today’s story will remind us about a time when we felt jealous.

Does anyone have more than two brothers or sisters?   In this story Joseph has a family of 12 brothers and sisters. Their Dad was called Jacob but there were a couple of different Mums.   Even in Bible times families could come in different shapes and sizes.

How should you act if you are part of a family, is everyone equal or some more special than others?

Explore the story using Joseph’s coat as a prop either on yourself or a child or through the link taken from Joseph’s Coat - Maria Friedman, Donny Osmond | Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

We are going to watch the following clip and discuss together what you notice about Joseph and his brothers?

Joseph the Miracle Child scene from Joseph: King of Dreams     SO what did you notice?  Were his brothers happy?


Joseph had a special gift, what special gift did Joseph have?   

Lets watch this clip together .... Josephs dreams  (stop at 1m 46s)

 How would you feel if someone could interpret your dreams?

QUESTION - What does this story teach Jews, how many different answers can we come up with?

Do you think the message is different for adults than children?

Did Joseph choose his own way in life or do you think that God had it planned out for him?   Why do you think this?

TASK - Design your own Joseph’s coat using symbols from your own dreams or the dreams which Joseph had or link to a textiles lesson.

You could also watch the Dreamworks DVD of Joseph King of Dreams.

What does the story of Joseph teach Jews about God?  (God is looking after Joseph through good and bad times, that Joseph fulfils God’s prophecy / plan.) 


Session 4 - How did Miriam show courage and truthfulness and choose between right and wrong?

Big sisters are the stars of today’s lesson.    

Questions - Who has a big sister?       What sort of thing does your big sister do to help you or your family?       What can you learn from your big sister?

Today’s big sister saved her little brother’s life when he was a baby.     Her name and her baby brother’s name both began with an ‘M’ can you name either of them?

Today's story is very important. Watch the story enfold, carefully, watch and listen...

Many years ago the Hebrew people went to live in Egypt. The Egyptians made them into slaves. They were very unhappy. It became even worse. The King gave a terrible order, “All the Hebrew baby boys are to be killed as soon as they are born!” The Hebrew people prayed to God for help.   ***    *** 

At this time a Hebrew woman gave birth to a baby boy. She was scared that the boy would be killed, so she hid him for three months.  ***   *** 

 With the help of her daughter, Miriam, the woman made a basket that could float in the water. They put the baby in the basket and put it into the river Nile.   ***  *** 

Miriam hid in the tall grass as she carefully watched the basket.      The princess who often swam in the river Nile saw the basket. She told a servant to bring it to her. Imagine her surprise when she saw a little baby boy!   ***   *** 

Miriam came forward and said to the princess, “Shall I go and find a nurse among the Hebrew women to take care of the baby for you?”  “Yes” said the princess. ***    Miriam went quickly and brought her mother to look after the baby for the princess. The princess called the baby boy Moses.  *** Moses was blessed by God. He grew up to be one of the most important leaders of the Hebrew people.

In groups, using paper props can you retell the story

Come back together and have an ‘I wonder’ question time.

  • I wonder why Moses didn’t fall out of the basket? 
  • I wonder what happened when Moses and Miriam met as adults as Moses became like a Prince but Miriam was still a slave? 
  • I wonder who it was who saved Moses? 

What other ‘I wonder’ questions do you have? Remember sometimes when we wonder, others can help us to find an answer, but at other times we are still left wondering.  


How did Miriam show courage and truthfulness in this story?      What does this part of the Moses story teach Jews about God?  


Session 5 - What rules are important for Jews?

Did you know, Torah means 'teaching'.

Question - How do people find out about God?   Remember there is a link between the Bible and the Torah. The Christian Holy book has the same beginning as the Jewish Torah. 

The first five books of the Old Testament are1234:

  • Genesis, which tells the story of creation, the fall, the flood, and the patriarchs.
  • Exodus, which recounts the deliverance of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and the giving of the law at Mount Sinai.
  • Leviticus, which contains the laws and regulations for the priests and the worship of God.
  • Numbers, which narrates the journey of the Israelites through the wilderness and their preparation to enter the promised land.
  • Deuteronomy, which repeats and reinforces the law and the covenant before the death of Moses.

Looking through the Bible, can you find the first five books? Together can we find, locate and re-read a familiar story.

Can you find the story of Miriam and Moses and the one about Joseph and his amazing coloured coat?  

Discussion - How do you know how to behave and treat other people - at home, and at school?

Golden Rule. The Torah teaches about these things too, and that it has rules or laws for living which guide the lives of Jewish people across the world not only Jewish people who live in Chester.

The Ten Commandments as displayed in synagogues on the wall.  Virtual tour - Can you spot the The Ten Commandments? What language are they written in?

'The Ten Commandments' (Exodus 20: 3-17) or Leviticus 19: 32  'show respect for old people and honour them' or Leviticus 19: 18 - 'love your neighbour as you love yourself'.

Discuss - What do you think these might mean in practice?

Question - Can any of you think of other rules for living? For home? For school? Why do we have rules?


Together let us watch the animated clip which shows the commandments on stone with Moses.

However, do not just think there are ten commandments for Jews, there are 613 Mitzvot (commandments)

Ten Commandments poster



Session 6 - What do Jews believe about a creator God?

What do you think Jews believe about Creation?   

Taking inspiration from    Creation of the World   

Jewish creation story     retells the story of Creation from a Jewish perspective and also gives opportunity to discuss the writing of God.   You could also explore Adam being made from mud and Eve being created from one of his ribs.  

Activity - in teams (or tables) represent the days and create a group sculpture to represent that day. 


Questions - How does a belief in a Creator God help Jews to have a personal relationship with God today?  If you made something special, would you want to continue to look after it.

What do you think is a really special part of the world which we know?

  • ALL the work you have completed and looked at over the last few weeks. Can we answer the 'Big Question'

Why is the Torah important for Jews? 



Teacher Notes

Some of the teaching of the Torah can be presented to children as examples of ancient wise advice: Do not lie. Honour your parents. Don’t be greedy. Love God with all your heart and love your neighbour as much as you love yourself.

The Torah also contains stories – of Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses. Starting with this clip, plan lessons that explore these teachings and stories in depth and detail, making sure they are presented as Jewish texts, not just as the ‘Christian Old Testament’.



DLTK's Template Printing (dltk-kids.com)    Josephs amazing coloured coat worksheet



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Td_l2rKg-Q    animated clip which shows the commandments on stone with Moses.

Make sure children do not just think there are ten commandments for Jews, there are 613 Mitzvot (commandments). 

from the Late Latin word for “to alter, corrupt”: “adulterare”.    For younger children, it may be sufficient to briefly discuss that sometimes adults may make choices that hurt other people, without going into too much detail.    When God says, “You shall not,” He’s just saying, “Don’t hurt yourself.” 

Who was Miriam in the Bible? | GotQuestions.org

Genesis 37 KJV - And Jacob dwelt in the land wherein his - Bible Gateway   Joseph and his coat of many colours

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