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Islam - Y5 - Faith Expressed through Family Life (Autumn 2)

Year 5 will be discovering "How is Muslim faith expressed through family life?"

What do I already Know about Islam?  Watch the clip Record 6 things you know about Sara. 5 things you didnt know and 4 things you now know about the family in Islam.


Islam Wedding   Amazing weddings

Hajj - The Fifth Pillar a pilgrimage to Mecca

How Islam began in less than ten minutes! 

The Miraculous Night Journey 



Year 5  Islam B How is the Muslim faith expressed through family life?
1What is Ramadan?
2How is Eid celebrated?
3What is Halal?
4How does Muslim family life show their belief in the Qur’an?
5How do modern Muslims follow their faith today?
6How can we tackle Islamophobia? Does the media show Islam in a balanced way?

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