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Islam - Y5 - Faith Expressed through Family Life (Autumn 2)

Year 5 will be discovering "How is Muslim faith expressed through family life?"

What do I already Know about Islam?  Watch the clip Record 6 things you know about Sara. 5 things you didnt know and 4 things you now know about the family in Islam.


Islam Wedding   Amazing weddings

Hajj - The Fifth Pillar a pilgrimage to Mecca

How Islam began in less than ten minutes! 

The Miraculous Night Journey 



Year 5  Islam B How is the Muslim faith expressed through family life?
1 What is Ramadan?
2 How is Eid celebrated?
3 What is Halal?
4 How does Muslim family life show their belief in the Qur’an?
5 How do modern Muslims follow their faith today?
6 How can we tackle Islamophobia? Does the media show Islam in a balanced way?

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