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“The way we communicate with others and ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.” (Tony Robbins).

At Huntington Community Primary School, we nurture children's speaking and listening skills through a variety of approaches: exploratory play, dramatic techniques used in lessons (such as role play and hot seating), speaking in front of an audience in sharing assemblies and even taking part in class debates.

Our intention is for children to:

  • Express their opinions, articulate feelings and listen to and respond appropriately in a range of situations.
  • Participate with different groups of children to present ideas with confidence, valuing the views of others.
  • Speak audibly and confidently before an audience (for example during sharing assembly or when performing in school plays).

We develop these skills so that our children are capable of expressing their own ideas clearly and confidently, in a safe and supportive environment, in all aspects and areas of their school life and into their future: “Learn to Live, Live to Learn”.


From EYFS through to Key Stage 2, children are given the opportunity to express their ideas through speech and take part in discussions. Alongside this, they also practise the skill of listening to other both effectively and with respect. It is vitally important for children to learn conversation skills, turn-taking, allow others to express their opinion, value the opinion of others and respond appropriately to what has been said.

Children should be encouraged to speak in a range of contexts and, as they progress through the school, adapt their style of speech appropriately.

Speaking and listening permeates all areas of the curriculum, and is promoted through a variety of ways:

  • Role play areas (EYFS and Key Stage 1)
  • Child-initiated play in EYFS
  • Reading and Maths games
  • Whole Class Guided Reading
  • Drama activities (including Role Play, hot seating, talk for writing, freeze frames, mind parts drama technique)
  • Working in small groups and using communication skills
  • Presentation of homework and class work
  • Debating in topic sessions through the use of a conscience alley/thought tunnel
  • Performance poetry
  • Telling or reading a story to/with the class
  • Circle time/PSHE discussion sessions
  • School productions and assemblies

Sign Language

Huntington CP School recognises that communication is more than simply the spoken word. Some of our staff have Makaton training, and we liaise with Borras Park Primary School's HIU too.

Last Christmas, Year 4 had the opportunity to virtually meet the children at Borras Park's HIU, and were taught by their BP peers how to sign the song "We wish you a Merry Christmas". The children at both schools thoroughly enjoyed this experience!


A huge congratulations to Indigo from last year's Year 6 Sycamore for being chosen as a finalist in the Poetry by Heart national competition. She attended  the national showcase in Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London and won her category. We're so proud of you Indigo!


Click here to watch Year 6 Sycamore's reading as part of CWAC's virtual Remembrance Service 2020.



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