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Islam - Why Allah and Muhammad (PBUH) are important KS1 (Summer 2A)


This is Yasmin; she is a little girl just like you.

Her name means Jasmine Flower which is a very beautiful, sweet smelling flower. She lives with her big brother Karim. His names means generous and friendly. Yasmin loves to play football with Karim as well as with her friends.

  • Would you like to ask Yasmin some questions?

    Yasmin is going to help us with our learning for the next few weeks about what she believes. Yasmin and her family, as well as some of her friends belong to a special community. Some of you may remember talking about belonging and communities? Quite a few of you belonged to a few communities. Well Yasmin is a Rainbow, like some of you, but she is also part of a community of Muslims. Her faith is called Islam; people who follow Islam are called Muslims.

Together let's try our knowledge hand...

  • What questions do you have for Yasmin about her faith? Some of them she will answer now and some I’m going to write down for her to answer in other lessons.

Yasmin has a few questions to ask you - how much can you remember about her faith?

Session 2 Who was Muhammad (PBUH)?

What can they remember about Yasmin last week?

LINK BBC Two - Watch, Celebrations, Islam, The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Allah and the Qur'an

Today Yasmin wants us to think about Leaders. Who do you think in Yasmin’s life might lead her? Who do you think is a leader in your life? What makes a good leader?

What religious leaders do you know?

Let me explain a little more. A religious leader who is important to Yasmin was a man who was a prophet called Muhammad. The word “Prophet” is about him passing on messages from Allah. Muslims follow Allah but they learn a lot about how to be a better Muslim from Muhammad. Muhammad was alive about 1400 years ago and he still inspires people today. He is so special to Muslims that when they say his name they say “Peace be upon him” (PBUH)

***** What's that Yasmin?*****

Muhammad told lots of stories to teach Muslims how to make the right choices.

Shall we ask Yasmin what is her favourite story? ***

LINK KS1 Religious Studies: The Islamic Story of The Prophet and the Ants and 'The Crying Camel' - BBC Teach

What do these stories teach Muslims?

Discuss ways that we can help to care for all creatures


Bitesize Qur'an link - BBC Two - Pathways of Belief, The Bible and the Qur'an: The Revelation, The importance of the Qur'an

BBC Bitesize the Prophet and the Ants and the Crying Camel.

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