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Welcome to our Foundation Stage - EYFS  Religious Education page.

Please feel free to watch the stories about the various Religions of the World.

NB the following animated stories are designed to allow your child to watch but may need a parent present to answer any questions which arise to aid their learning.


BUDDHISM - The Buddhist Stories of Siddhartha and the Swan and The Monkey King

CHRISTIANITY - The Easter Story : (NB PG)    The First Christmas    Teddy Francis - John Stories by Rev Paulette

HINDUISM - The Hindu Story of Rama and Sita

ISLAM - The Islamic Stories of The Prophet and the Ants and The Crying Camel   The Five Pillars of Faith


SIKHSM - The Sikh stories of The Milk and the Jasmine Flower and Duni Chand and the Silver Needle


BBC - CBEEBIES - Let's Celebrate series



EYFSLearners should experience enquiry based RE related activities from a range of world religions to contribute to the Foundation Stage curriculum

What happens in our local church?

Why do Christians give presents at Christmas?

How did Jesus come back to life in the Easter story?

Why does the Minister pour water on the baby?

What jobs do people do in a church?

Why do we do a nativity play?

Why is Jesus special to Christians? Is he alive today?

What stories are in the Bible?


Why is the Qur’an a special book for a Muslim?

What stories did Muhammad tell to teach people how to be the best they can be?

How do Muslims help other people?


Was Hanuman a good friend to Rama and Sita?

What is a Rangoli?

Why is Diwali a festival of lights?


Why do Jews build a Succah?

Why does this candle stick need so many candles? (Menorah)

What is the Torah?


How do Sikhs help other people?

What is the Chauri and how is it used?

What happened to the Guru Granth Sahib at the beginning and end of each day?


How do Buddhists celebrate the Buddha’s Birthday?

Why is the lotus flower important?

Why does this statue of Buddha have long ears and curly hair?


How can you show helpfulness?

Where is God?

What is unity?


How can I have a happy life?

How do Humanists celebrate new life?

How can I know what is true?

Good questions for all aspects of RE

What is prayer?        

Who do I think God is?

Why are these books special?

How do our families celebrate special events?

Where is my special place?

What is love?

What happens when someone dies?

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