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Christianity - My point of view God and Faith Year 3/4 LKS2 (Summer 1A)

The BIG question for this half term is...

What is my point of view about God and why do people have faith?

WE all have our own view about what we believe but we must remember to respect our friends and the people in our community about their views and their faith.

So - what do you believe? Is there a god?

Faith - what does this word mean to you?




Traffic lights - a silent debate

Each pupil has a set of three cards - Green (YES)   Orange (NOT SURE)   Red (NO)

Together as a co-hort you are going to come up with various questions which 6 will be chosen for the end of the session


You will work with your partner to come up with questions linked to the key word GOD

What can you come up with?

These must be only answered wit a yes or a no answer! As a class can we achieve this challlenge!?!

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