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Instrumental Tuition

Whole Class Tuition Project

Every year our Year 4 children receive whole-class instrumental tuition from Music for Life tutors. This programme makes use of a shared stock of instruments that belong to our local network of schools, CENS, purchased and restocked jointly by all the schools involved.

Each year our pupils learn to play a brass instrument, a percussion (samba) instrument and the guitar, for a term each.

At the end of each term, the children perform for their parents in the school hall, to showcase their skills.

Here are some excerpts from recent concerts:


Individual Tuition

We also host individual instrumental tuition, with tutors attending to teach piano, keyboard, guitar, ukulele, violin and singing.

We were pleased to recommence piano tutor Will Hay's concerts for his pupils this week (March 2023), after a few years of video concerts. The pupils played beautifully, and the audience of junior children were suitably impressed.


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