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English Summer Term

At the beginning of the Summer term, our first focus text will be "When the Giant Stirred" by Celia Godkin. We will then be moving on to the text "Blue John" by Berlie Doherty where we will also learn all about the Blue John Cavern. Our final focus text of the year will be "Wisp" by Zana Fraillon and Grahame Baker-Smith which is part of our focus on SMSC and is all about the life of a refugee. During our daily English lessons and cross curricular writing, it is important to correct misunderstandings in grammar and spellings, as well as strengthen and develop reading abilities. Our aim is to use every opportunity to reinforce literacy skills in all areas of the curriculum, finding as many ‘real’ opportunities for writing in different styles as possible.  We will also recap and reinforce grammar, punctuation and spellings through discrete sessions and then apply to written work. Children will undertake assessments in all areas during the year.

When the Giant Stirred.jpg Blue John.jpg Wisp.jpg

Our reading skills sessions will be based upon fictional texts, including “Ariki and the Islands of Wonders”, "A Myth Hunter's Travel Guide" and "The Boy at the Back of the Class". During these sessions, we will be focussing on the importance of vocabulary comprehension, inference and summarising.

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