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Hinduism WORSHIP at HOME - PUJA Y3/4 LKS2 (Summer 2B)

How do Hindus' worship within their home?

Over the next few weeks Year3 and Year 4 will be looking at Puja and learning that there is one supreme god - BRAHMAN and the tri murti - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva who together create balance.

The first murti or deity is Lord Ganesha... 

How Lord Ganesha got his Elephant Head?

Puja - worship in the home

What do you notice?

Do you think every Hindu family has their own shrine in the home? Can you explain your answer


Creator, the carer and the destroyer.... Can you name them?

How do the tri-murti work together?

Puja power point. Take turns in reading a section and discuss our findings.  Notice the Priest, is he dressed the same as other religious priests, which you have learnt about in other religions? What is different?

What is the bell used for? Can you remember why there is insence? 

Complete the worksheet about the Pujar tray, using the wordbank to help you.




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