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Ms Avery is delighted to introduce her Climate Neutral Leaders! These children meet to discuss the effect of climate change, and think of practical ways in which our school community can combat the degenerative effect it has on our planet and reduce our school's carbon footprint.

We are proud to announce that in conjunction with Mr Jones, we will be planting more trees on the school grounds, and our school building boasts solar panels and uses timed heaters to ensure we use as little fossil fuels as possible. As in previous years, we also plan to invest in carbon credits in South American or African areas to ensure that our school community is carbon neutral. 

Through organising events and projects (see below), our Climate Neutral Leaders work to educate children within our school on matters of climate neutrality. They will lead our school community towards becoming GHG emission neutral by mid-century through its commitment to the Climate Neutral Now project.

As part of our Climate Neutral Now project, our leders will undertake the following tasks:

  1. Measure HCPS's greenhouse gas emissions;
  2. Reduce as much greenhouse gas emissions through own action;
  3. Help raise money to compensate any remaining greenhouse gas emissions by offsetting.  



Projects and Events led by the Climate Neutral Leaders:

COP26 event - November 2021 Reducing landfil waste - Spring  Climate Neutral Day - Summer
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COP26 Action plan


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