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Christianity - EASTER CONCEPTS Y3/4 LKS2 (Spring 2B)

Christianity - How can I understand different Easter concepts? 

WEEK 1 - Which of the Christian Festivals is central to the teachings of Christianity?

Question starter to discuss with your adult.

What Christian festivals can we name as a class? Can you remember their purpose? Why one do you think is the most important for a Christian? 

What Christian festivals can you name? Can you remember there purpose/reason? Which one do you think is most important for a Christian?

This lesson involves exploring pieces of art but to start with can you explore why Easter (as in the crucifixion and resurrection) needed to happen for Christianity to exist.  

Watch https://www.truetube.co.uk/film/last-supper-2014 to remind you of the events leading to Good Friday.  
Over this half term we are thinking about Easter in detail, in fact we are ‘cracking concepts’ together to explore more about why Easter is important to Christians. Today you are going to be exploring different pieces of art to remind yourselves of the Easter story. For each piece of art work I want you to think of - 

  • Your own title for the piece of art 

  • What the artist is trying to say 

  • Something which makes you wonder 

  • Something which puzzles or concerns you 

  • How does this picture remind you of the Easter story 

Garden of Gethsemane , crucifixion, carrying the cross, The Last Super (Leonardo Da Vinci), Palm Sunday

Select one of the events of Holy Week and complete your own piece of art work.

Week 1 Extension  - What is servanthood and how is this shown through the Easter story and through the life of a Christian today?

What does it mean to serve others? We are looking at the idea of servant hood and humility. Let’s start by asking who is the most important pupil in your class? Each person has a reason to be important for different reasons so you might have found this a tricky task. The disciples sometimes disagreed with each other about their rank as none wanted to be the least important.. 

One day a mother, very proud of her two sons, as mothers are apt to be, asked Jesus to grant permission that her two sons might sit, the one on his left hand, the other on his right, in the kingdom. "Whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant; even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many."

How does a Christian explain that Bible passage??? Watch the film clip of the Last Supper  and this second clip where Jesus washed the feet of the disciples and Peter felt uncomfortable. Why do you think Jesus did this? How do you think it feels to have someone that you consider to be really important do this to you?

Washing someones feet was the messy and often smelly job of the servant not the master! That would be like me (Mrs.Harrison-Smith) having to wash Mr. Rose' feet!!!   Then having George Clooney - the master come and wash my feet - the servant. EEEEKKK!!!

How can you show service in your own lives? 

(WEEK 2) What is the significance of the Stations of the Cross for those who are Catholic?

Talk to the children about the symbolism of each of the stations, what it means to them as a believer and how it is used in worship, particularly as a tradition during Lent.  This lesson can be done in school using resources from Cafod on Stations of the Cross. Remember to show an example of how they may be used in worship. There is also a particularly moving contemporary version from Cafod about Sudanese Refugees – link on Slideshare below. Use alongside more traditional imagery. Variety of examples of traditional imagery can be found as PowerPoints on TES.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK2o-mhBfuc&list=PLcvEcrsF_9zK0q_Ey3yl7k5LA5v1M7NNs&index=28&t=0s For My Life My Religion on Easter.

WEEK 2  Extension What does the concept of Sacrifice mean to you?

What does the word sacrifice mean to you? Have you ever sacrificed anything? Does sacrifice always involve a death? Look at the gospel narratives of the crucifixion. Mini P4C was Jesus’ death a sacrifice and what does this mean to Christians today? 

We are going to explore a story called ‘The Easter Angels’ by Bob Hartman The Easter Angels book cover.jpg. Explain that you will read part of the story then the children will role play the two characters for that section. Then move onto the next section. Explore the thoughts and feelings of the two angels as the story develops. What was the plan? How is this death so important?

What do you think about Angels?

Views on Angels, life after Death and what Jesus means to them are all likely to come up during the lesson above and reflection times will need to be led by the children.

Explore the concept of Resurrection which has been covered in previous years. How is this concept so important to the Christian tradition?

Week 3   How is the concept of sacrifice shown through Christian hymns and modern songs of worship?

Listen to the piece of music 'Come and See’ by Graham Kendrick.  

Listen closely to the lyrics - what they can hear? Come and See ">replay

These are songs may be used as part of worship on Good Friday.  What do you think may be included in Good Friday Services? How do you think different aspects of worship may be included, dance, drama, singing, prayer, music, silence, liturgy, Eucharist. Look at a film clip of a Good Friday March of Witness. Why do some Christians choose to do this? Why is it important to them?  Listen to a more traditional Good Friday hymn which Christians may sing in the local communities after a Good Friday March of Witness. “When I survey the wonderous cross” or “On a Hill far away” 

If Christians could send three text messages to their community on Good Friday what do you think those three messages would say. Remember every word counts and have the same number of characters as the school texting service. Christian leaders often give a message to the world for Easter. Have a quick look at a clip of the Pope giving his Easter message last year and explain what it was about.

Full text: Pope Francis’ Easter Urbi et Orbi Message 2020 – Catholic World Report 

What would your message for the world be this year?

How do the events of Good Friday and Easter Sunday link to salvation?

Week 3 Extension   Can you explain different symbols associated with Easter? 

Why was Jesus given a crown of thorns?

What Christian symbols are you familiar with? Which symbols do you associate with Easter? This may include Easter eggs, hot cross buns, chicks and rabbits. What do these symbols mean to you and what would they mean to a Christian in relation to the Easter Story?

Let'slook at a hot cross bun and explain the significance beyond the cross (raisins represent the wounds of Christ).

Show children a Paschal Candle. The symbols found on the candle - do you recognise any of the symbols and can you think what their significance might be?

 Record your thoughts on the symbolism in your books. Design your own Paschal candle

Discuss each symbol in turn making sure 'we' understand its meaning:

Alpha and Omega: First and Last letters of Greek alphabet signifying that God is beyond time – the beginning and the end.

The Cross (red): The crucified Christ his blood shed and The resurrected Christ

The Dove: Peace

Five nails or grains of Incense: (placed in the candle prior to its use in a service) The five wounds of Christ (nails and spear)

El Salvador Cross

Remind children of the symbolism of light and candle flames in Christianity. Remember the work on Advent a few months ago, Jesus Light of the world  and Christingles.

What would a crown represent and a crown of thorns? To Christians Jesus was the King of Kings. Why is this important in the Easter story? Do you consider Jesus to be a King, explain your views to others in the class using a belief line? Draw a symbol to represent your views on who Jesus was on a wipe board, remember we know that he was a historical figure. Silent art gallery to see who agrees with your symbol and who respectfully disagrees. (Walk around the room showing your wipe board to those you meet.)

If Jesus came back today what would you want to ask him about the great plan of Easter?


Christianity How can I understand different Easter concepts?


Which of the Christian Festivals is central to the teachings of Christianity?  What is sin?


What is servanthood and how is this shown through the Easter story and through the life of a Christian today?


What is the significance of the Stations of the Cross for those who are Catholic?


What does the concept of Sacrifice mean to you?


How is the concept of sacrifice shown through Christian hymns and modern songs of worship?


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